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CHAMP Cargosystems launches API Partner Program for Cargospot

Apr 27, 2022

CHAMP Cargosystems has launched an API Partner Program to promote collaboration around its flagship product—Cargospot. Cargospot APIs are being adopted heavily by Cargospot clients and partners allowing the air cargo ecosystem to integrate very closely. APIs allow Cargospot clients to innovate faster, leverage the strengths of their partners, support new business models and build digital business ecosystems.

The API Partner Program brings together API developers from airlines, ground handlers, general sales agents, software houses and other third-party companies to develop cutting-edge solutions for the Cargospot ecosystem. This allows the Cargospot community to use new and innovative products that are tailor made for Cargospot, select from a wider choice of partners/solutions, and implement these API-based solutions rapidly.

“APIs have always been about open connectivity,” says Lee Booth, Vice President Global Products at CHAMP Cargosystems. “By launching the Cargospot API Partner Program, our customers will benefit from faster integrations to our Cargospot ecosystem. We look forward to seeing what innovative ideas our air cargo community will create to serve the ever-evolving needs of our industry.”

By joining the program, partners can pitch their solutions to one of the largest communities in the air cargo domain, ideate with CHAMP experts to create tailor-made solutions for the Cargospot community and prototype / build solutions faster with direct integration to Cargospot. Developers will also gain easy access to the latest API product updates through CHAMP’s API developer portal.

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