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Biden trade chief says traditional agreements created problems
US Trade Representative Katherine Tai told lawmakers that some tariff-lowering agreements have made the US economy vulnerable, and the Biden administration wants to address the…
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Biden reaches moment of truth for electric vehicle tax credits
The auto world is about to learn where the administration stands on some of the toughest policy questions surrounding the transition to EVs.
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Biden broadband plan runs headlong into ‘Buy American’ mandate
It’s nearly impossible to bring fast internet to rural communities without electronic components that are made in foreign countries
US weighs energy sanctions on Myanmar hurting allies
The US is weighing sanctions on Myanmar’s state-owned oil and gas company to choke funding to the nation’s military regime, according to people with direct…
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Brazil pushes China for closer farm ties ahead of Lula’s visit
Hundreds of Brazilian agribusiness leaders flooded Beijing this week even before the arrival of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who’s betting a high-stakes trip…
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India’s crude oil imports increase by 8% in February, reaches two-decade peak
Rising crude demand and a strong Indian economy augur well for increased refinery runs and imports, as well as cheaper Russian crude, according to Refinitiv…
Italy Wants Europe to Spend Like the US and China on Green Tech
The European Union must match its green technology ambitions with adequate funding or it will continue slipping behind the US and China in global competitiveness,…
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Green revolution taps copper and aluminum
Will there be enough copper and aluminum for all that construction? And what’s going to happen to prices?
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Made-in-US rules for EV batteries shift in fine print of climate law
The Treasury Department’s interpretation of a few key words could allow more components to be made overseas.
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Global trade slows, but ‘green goods’ grow
World trade hit a record $32 trillion in 2022, but growth turned negative in the last half of the year. Environmentally friendly products defied the…