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China buys Brazilian soybeans before trade deal with US
China is picking up soybean cargoes in Brazil, dashing hopes for big American sales immediately after a partial trade deal is signed with the U.S.…
US furniture industry eyes Cambodia as Vietnam’s wages rise
A shortage of workers in Vietnam -- a huge beneficiary of the U.S. trade war with China -- is getting severe enough that some furniture…
The US trade deficit Is narrowing for reasons that aren’t all good
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Thailand moves closer to US currency watchlist designation
Thailand’s 12-month trade surplus with the U.S. exceeded $20 billion, raising the chances it will be added to the U.S. Treasury’s watchlist of currency manipulators.
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Trump’s trade deficit victory has plenty of caveats attached
New data shows President Donald Trump may be poised to deliver on one of his biggest economic promises: Reducing the annual U.S. trade deficit with…
Trump’s China tech spat is about taking 5G lead, French CEO says
For Paul Boudre, U.S. President Donald Trump’s push against Chinese telecommunications companies is less about espionage than the race for technological supremacy.
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Senate passage of USMCA faces delay, even with committee passage
A full Senate vote on President Donald Trump’s rewritten Nafta trade agreement will be put off until next week at the earliest, after the deal…
US international trade in goods and services, November 2019
The U.S. monthly international trade deficit decreased in November 2019 according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis and the U.S. Census Bureau.
Here’s how the European Union runs a trade surplus with…itself
The European Union has a growing trade surplus with itself, a statistical discrepancy that may indicate value-added tax fraud of more than 60 billion euros…
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US trade gap shrinks to smallest since 2016 on export gain
The U.S. trade gap narrowed in November to the smallest in three years as exports advanced amid a thaw in the trade war with China,…