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Movu Robotics and STAMH Group: stronger together in Southeastern and Central Europe

May 28, 2024

As part of its goal to ensure no warehouse is left behind, Movu Robotics has entered a strategic international partnership with STAMH Group, which brings new competitive advantage to businesses in Central and Southeastern Europe by making warehouse automation more flexible, scalable and affordable.

With both companies embracing the move to goods-to-person intralogistics, this collaboration provides a more easily available and much shorter automation path for many successful businesses in a large number of countries in Eastern Europe, including Romania, Serbia, Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Montenegro.

No longer part of the distant future, autonomously performing technologies are a practical reality today. For Movu it’s important to count on a reliable integration company in the region and STAMH relies on leading technologies in warehouse automation that provide simple solutions for handling growing volumes and faster throughputs.

With more than 14,000 successful integrations, 23 years of experience and storage systems performing in 22 countries around the globe, STAMH continues to prove its commitment to integrate tailored automation solutions.

Responding to the increasingly demanding market requirements in the region, Movu provides STAMH with strong and reliable partnership to offer robotic solutions and future-proofed automated systems to perfectly match the automation needs of a variety of logistics hubs, fulfillment centers, warehouses and distribution centers in Central and Southeastern Europe.

Sharing a common vision and mission for a clear and bright future

Stefan Pieters, CEO of Movu Robotics said: “Strategic partnerships with integrators are an important part of the Movu Go-to-Market strategy. Movu and STAMH share the view that both small and larger warehouses can be effectively optimised in terms of useful storage space and intralogistics processes. Whether for large facilities handling palletised loads or the more recent innovation of micro and nano fulfillment centers serving large cities, automated solutions will allow smooth and effective performance without errors, round the clock, every day of the year.

He added: “Making warehouse automation easier than ever, the long-term partnership between Movu and STAMH is an international commitment to help business to scale up step-by-step, at the speed of their own development.”

Businesses around the globe will find and the best sites on the Internet to understand the possibilities for ROI provided by warehouse automation and advanced storage technologies. Simply sharing some details about your existing or future logistics hub with the professionals from STAMH and Movu will allow the experienced engineering and automation teams to devise a solution that may surprise in terms of accessibility, delivery times and even price.

Robotic and warehouse automation: making storage, retrieval and fulfillment processes, easier than ever

STAMH Group’s international engineering, automation and software teams are ready for the intralogistics automation challenges facing businesses. Robotic solutions for palletised loads, such as Movu atlas and its specially designed Racking System, are already being installed in distribution centers across Southeastern and Central Europe.

Through reducing width and the number of driving aisles, Movu atlas brings seamless space optimisation. The bi-directional movements of the new robotic shuttles on the X-axis are controlled by intelligent software, reducing unnecessary movements and achieving optimal operations. It selects the most convenient robot to effectuate the next storage and retrieval task. Customers can start with one robotic shuttle and increase the number if needed.

The integrated charging station, and the autonomous on-the-fly charging of the shuttles further reduces manual operations. Atlas shuttle robots charging by themselves removes another thing for customers to think about.

How can be this partnership useful for ecommerce?

An increasingly vital aspect of logistics, eCommerce often involves multiple orders requiring preparation in seconds. With the proportion of e-shoppers growing from 55% in 2012 to 75% in 2022, according to the latest Eurostat data, modern fulfillment and distribution centers have become crucial economic drivers for any online business, looking to scale and grow.

Solutions such as Movu escala are being integrated in new fulfilment centers to achieve robotic storage and extraction of picking totes, combined with on-the-fly industrial battery charging, autonomous handling and three-dimensional (X- and Y-axis) operations.

From AGVs to AMR solutions

STAMH and Movu offer proven and future-proof AMR technology to reduce the requirement for manual transportation of goods over large distances in modern distribution centers.

The latest AMR systems, such as Movu ifollow, are light, fast, secure and smart. They do not require complex guiding systems integration or infrastructural changes in the warehouse. Controlled by plug-and-play software to effectively navigate around static and moving obstacles as they transport heavy loads. Movu ifollow AMRs are the perfect tool for collaborative picking and perform even in low temperatures found in cold stores.

Constantly innovating, STAMH Group embraces these impressive technologies and, through co-operation with Movu, will enable the integration of automated warehouse systems and technologies that will take intralogistics in Central and South-Eastern Europe to a completely new and optimal level. This results for any growing business in the region will be increased competitiveness and velocity of operations as well as greater customer satisfaction.

A common promise for a better tomorrow

To tackle the challenges of sustainable development, both Movu and STAMH apply their principles with the common goal of a better tomorrow.

STAMH Group remains firmly behind the respect, support, and protection of human rights, following high corporate and working standards. Movu is working to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all people of all ages.

Both companies share, encourage, and develop energy-saving technologies, and strive to achieve sustainable and modern energy for all.

While AI is an integral part of their software systems, STAMH and Movu recognise the talent in their companies and can count on the best and highly specialised teams in the complex intralogistics fields.

This is the philosophy behind every new success and every new integration and is why STAMH and Movu’s international teams can understand every single automation and intralogistics need.

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