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iAero Group drives sustainability In the aviation industry by being the first to provide 100% carbon neutral air charter flights

Mar 17, 2021

iAero Group, the leading investment platform to transform and scale high-growth potential companies in the aviation industry, and owner of iAero Airways charter airline, iAero Tech airframe MRO, and iAero Thrust engine MRO, has initiated its overall sustainability program by going carbon neutral for all of its commercial Part 121 air charter flights.

Carbon offset is just the first of many initiatives within the iAero Group’s sustainability platform called iCAIR™. The company will also be inviting and working with all of its partners to join them in supporting its carbon offset program.

iAero Group is keeping up with the global trend in aviation environmental sustainability. According to the DC-based Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI), the U.S. EPA reports that aircraft contribute 12 percent of U.S. transportation emissions, and account for 3 percent of the nation’s total greenhouse gas production. Globally, aviation produced 2.4 percent of total CO2 emissions in 2018. By 2050, it is estimated that commercial aircraft emissions could triple given the projected growth of passenger air travel and freight.

“With iAero Airway’s growing fleet of Boeing 737 and 767 aircraft flying thousands of flight hours each year, we know we can make a positive impact by joining the fight to protect our climate, said iAero Group Chief Executive Officer, Robert Caputo. “iAero Group’s environmental sustainability actions represent only one part of our overall sustainability strategy which will also focus on social and economic areas into the future. All of which will directly support our overall purpose of elevating people and places.”

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