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CargoAi: digitalization made easy

Oct 26, 2020

The founders of CargoAi come from the air cargo industry, and that sets them apart from the many e-booking platforms who are emerging. Digital transformation is no longer disruptive: it’s already here. By combining their cargo experience with world-leading technology, the team of experts is facilitating our industry’s transformation. Now digitalization is simplified and CargoAi proves it.

The idea developed by Matthieu Petot, CEO and founder of CargoAi, is clear: connect 100% of airlines and GSAs to freight forwarders by simplifying the entire process via an intuitive online platform. “Forget about the traditional airfreight software that takes years of implementation and training – we have taken our inspiration from the many modern applications that have been built recently and the SaaS model where training, support and the user journey is very intuitive,” says Matthieu Petot.

CargoAi is the only platform that allows freight forwarders to connect with 100% of airlines from every country in the world, either via direct API connections or a unique and efficient quote issuing/booking process. This innovation offers an enormous advantage: it is no longer necessary to make individual connections with each airline. And the application doesn’t stop there! It is intuitive, modular, and offers fully tailor-made solutions to all airlines and freight forwarders (both large and small alike). Making connections is now possible, with or without a sophisticated IT system – and GSAs also benefit from bespoke solutions.

This level of simplification has been made possible by the CargoAi team’s proven experience of air cargo management: “Through our experience in cargo, we saw that the buying and selling processes hadn’t moved forward. We brought together the best talents, we combined their skills to create an online platform considering the obstacles of digitalization in our sector. We can then respond to the specific needs of air cargo stakeholders as closely as possible,” adds Matthieu Petot, CEO & founder.

These talents include a former Solutions Architect at Amazon and Microsoft, Head of Product & Design at FCS Computer Systems, Transformation Leader at Air France-KLM and DB Schenker, and Global Head of Business Excellence at Dyson. Dozens of people with this level of expertise have now joined the CargoAi team at their HQ based in Singapore, the world’s tech hotspot.

That is why CargoAi offers innovative digital solutions designed by air cargo people for air cargo people.

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