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Antonov Airlines performed urgent transportation of rotor for power plant from USA to Japan

Oct 26, 2023

Antonov Airlines safely delivered the power plant rotor on board of one of its An-124-100Maircraft from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, to Nagoya, Japan. Transatlantic trip took three days including two technical stops in Calgary, Canada and Anchorage, USA and became the only option to deliver the cargo to its destination in the requested time.

The rotor, weighted about 53,000 kilograms, was transported in the specific frame that was manufactured specially for this mission. To load the heavy single piece from truck into the An-124-100M, a ramp was used, designed, and manufactured by Antonov`s inhouse engineers, in conjunction with external crane. Once the rotor was safely aboard, the technical crew dismantled the ramp and loaded it into the plane to be used again to unload the cargo at its destination.

After being repaired in the USA the rotor was ready to be transported to its destination. The power plant rotor was urgently needed before the beginning of the winter season in Japan, when electricity consumption is intense, and airfreight is the faster way to deliver goods in a short time.

“Although it was an urgent shipment, the ANTONOV Airlines understood the importance of this mission and really responded promptly. ANTONOV is a specialist with a wealth of experience in air transportation of large cargo, we have high expectations for the future,” said Toshioki Majima, Cargo Sales Manager, Western Associates, Inc.

“We are fully aware of our responsibilities as a project cargo air freighter. When a project is all about “No other name than Antonov”, we do our best to complete the mission in time“ said Dmytro Prosvirin, Commercial Director,Antonov Airlines.

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