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AIBOT collaborates with Honeywell: Elevating eVTOL technology to new horizons

Nov 15, 2023

A collaboration is unveiled as AIBOT, a pioneer in eVTOL technology, announces it has selected Honeywell (NASDAQ: HON) to integrate its Compact Fly-By-Wire system into AIBOT’s aiEVTOL aircraft. This technological milestone combines groundbreaking eVTOL capabilities with robust, reliable, and advanced aerospace technologies.

AIBOT is a California-based company with the vision to disrupt the next generation of Urban Air Mobility for all. Pushing the current trend towards electric, AI, connectivity and sharing through innovation and strategic partnerships, AIBOT’s mission is to create a software-driven, AI-empowered, electric, shared and connected aiEVTOL ecosystem and autonomous capable aircraft that centers around transforming the passenger experience. Under the terms of the agreement, AIBOT leverages Honeywell’s rich heritage and profound expertise in aerospace technology, embedding the Compact Fly-By-Wire system (cFBW) into its innovative eVTOL aircraft. Honeywell’s reputation for excellence and reliability dovetails with AIBOT’s pioneering approach to eVTOL aviation.

“Our collaboration with Honeywell marks a pivotal milestone in realizing our vision of disrupting the next generation of mobility,” stated Jerry Wang, Executive Chairman of AIBOT. “Honeywell’s unmatched expertise augments our innovative approach, positioning AIBOT at the forefront of technological excellence in eVTOL aviation.”

“We at AIBOT are taking the current EVTOL market as a baseline and pushing the boundaries, resulting in a game-changing line of products,” stated John Clarkson, AIBOT Chief Engineer and former AIRBUS A380 Head of Engineering, Wing and Pylon. “All aspects of the designs, from structures to high-voltage powertrain systems, are advancing the latest techniques and technologies to achieve a significant leap in performance. This makes AIBOT’s product lines aesthetically pleasing, world-beating, and placing us at the front of this exciting industry.”

Honeywell’s cFBW system acts as the technological linchpin in this collaboration, bringing many benefits including enhanced safety protocols, operational efficiency, and unprecedented flexibility in aircraft design, ensuring a seamless flight experience synonymous with reliability and excellence.

“This collaboration is another demonstration of how our core Flight Control technology can scale to meet the varying needs of our customers,” said David Shilliday, vice president and general manager, Advanced Air Mobility, Honeywell Aerospace. “We look forward to working with AIBOT as they continue on their journey to positively disrupt the way we move.”

AIBOT is a pioneer in aiEVTOL technology, dedicated to creating a connected, autonomous, and ultra-safe aircraft ecosystem. In 2022, AIBOT achieved full transition of their aircraft, positioning itself among the top 10 eVTOL contenders aiming for market deployment by decade’s end. This advancement places them at the forefront of technical innovation with a planned suite of autonomous and manned aiEVTOL aircraft designed for both commercial and private use.

AIBOT’s strategic production strategy is set to start in 2024 with the rollout of fully autonomous heavy unmanned aircraft, catering to industries like cargo, agriculture, high-speed inspection, and medical deliveries. These unmanned aircraft will benefit from the same system architecture as their manned aiEVTOL designs, ensuring synergy across their fleet. Looking to 2025, the maiden flight of their manned aiEVTOL aircraft will mark a new chapter in aviation.

The AIBOT-Honeywell collaboration signifies a new age of technological innovation and sustainable development in eVTOL aviation, combining advanced aerospace solutions with pioneering visions for the future of air mobility.

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