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Jaunt Air Mobility announces design and manufacturing operations in Canada and the appointment of Côté as president

May 06, 2021

Jaunt Air Mobility announced today the company plans to open design and manufacturing operations in Canada. Jaunt Air Mobility takes the first step in expanding its global reach by appointing Eric Côté to head its Canadian operations.

Eric Côté
Eric Côté

“Our announcement today to locate our design and manufacturing operations to Canada aligns with our certification path and commercialization strategy,” states Martin Peryea, CEO of Jaunt Air Mobility. “Canada and Québec offer a wide range of opportunities stemming from a long history in the aerospace industry, including an experienced workforce and global suppliers. Canada’s aerospace industry is known for export, and we intend to capitalize on that reach. Canada is a global leader in developing and promoting clean technology and this is aligned with our core values.”

Eric Côté joins the team with CEO experience in leading the Soucy Group, a worldwide engineering and manufacturing organization (10 independent companies with 1800 employees) in the defense, power sports, industrial, and agriculture sectors. During Eric’s 15-year tenure at Soucy, his strategic vision and leadership allowed him to set up a strong and mobilized organization with an increased presence in all five continents. Before his time at Soucy, Eric spent 15 years with Bombardier Aerospace in senior-level positions (manufacturing engineering, operations strategies, continuous improvement, Industrialization). He was involved in setting up new manufacturing and assembly organizations in different countries. Eric’s first mandate will be to assist with engaging strategic investment partners and planning Jaunt’s Canadian operations.

“We are pleased to have Eric join our senior leadership, Eric brings significant experience in managing organizations and growing organizations to meet customer needs worldwide and Jaunt’s Canadian operations will create many new jobs in manufacturing and engineering and will introduce a new, sustainable, aviation ecosystem. We are committed to a sustainable environment with our green and innovative aircraft.”, says Martin Peryea.

“Jaunt Air Mobility is developing a new generation of aircraft that will meet the growing demand for faster urban and regional travel. The Jaunt Journey will meet the highest safety standards and eliminate Green House Gases (GHG) emissions. One aircraft can eliminate the equivalent of 95 cars of GHG in congested city driving conditions. The aircraft will offer a solution for urban air mobility, cargo delivery, medical transport, and humanitarian aid.”, says Eric Côté.

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