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Etihad Cargo renews its contract with Jettainer

Jun 22, 2022

Jettainer has been awarded a five-year contract by Etihad Cargo and will continue to provide and manage unit load devices (ULDs) for the carrier. The global leader has managed and maintained Etihad Cargo’s customized ULD fleet since 2011. For over a decade, Jettainer has helped to deliver significant efficiency gains for the United Arab Emirates’ national carrier, ensuring the uninterrupted availability of ULDs even in challenging times. Following a comprehensive analysis that identified business development opportunities for the airline, the ULD expert will digitalize Etihad Cargo’s entire ULD fleet and equip it with Bluetooth low energy (BLE) tags.

The partnership between Etihad Cargo and Jettainer took flight in 2011 with the global management of the ULD fleet used by the United Arab Emirates’ national airline. Over the past decade, the two partners have carried out a series of digital transformation projects and launched innovation initiatives to achieve continuous improvements in processes and quality. Jettainer is now taking the partnership one step further after comprehensive analysis on the requirements of Etihad Cargo and its customer and is equipping the airline’s entire ULD fleet with Bluetooth low energy (BLE) tags. The tags will enable Etihad Cargo to collect and use meaningful data for its business development and further automate processes.

The companies have also consistently strengthened their partnership and expanded the range of services. This includes deploying an Abu Dhabi based operating team, using lightweight containers and rolling out Jettainer’s cool&fly service during the pandemic to streamline processes, reduce costs and contribute to both companies’ sustainability roadmap. By bringing the vast majority of ULD services together at a single source, Jettainer optimizes processes, ensures swift and seamless communication and delivers cost savings for the airline.

“Despite the challenges the air freight and cargo sectors have faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Etihad Cargo has continued to grow and evolve. It has been critical for us to work with partners who understand our objectives and can help us achieve our ambitious targets. The Jettainer team has been offering us reliable and innovative services around the clock to meet our needs for over ten years now. The solutions offered by Jettainer have contributed to our success in continuously improving and optimizing Etihad Cargo’s ULD fleet, which has enabled us to reduce costs and gain efficiencies. As the market has evolved, so has Etihad Cargo, and we are confident Jettainer can continue to support us in delivering world-class services to our partners and customers,” remarked Thomas Schürmann, Head of Cargo Operations and Delivery at Etihad Cargo.

“It’s important to us that we embrace innovation and digitalization. That’s why we are equipping our customers’ ULD fleets with tracking technology where it is meaningful – and that’s exactly what we’ve seen at Etihad Cargo,” said Thorsten Riekert, Jettainer’s Chief Sales Officer, adding: “Our longstanding partnership and our recent contract extension with Etihad Cargo confirms that we work well together and further motivates us to continue offering outstanding service and achieve additional growth together in the future.”

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