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BlueBox Systems introduces BlueBoxCargo: The ultimate cargo tracking solution

May 28, 2024

BlueBox Systems, an innovative provider of logistics visibility solutions, announces the launch of BlueBoxCargo, an advanced tracking solution that combines the best features of BlueBoxAir and BlueBoxOcean. This comprehensive platform is designed to provide unparalleled real-time tracking capabilities for air and ocean freight, giving companies the ultimate supply chain optimization tool.

BlueBoxCargo builds on the success of BlueBoxAir and BlueBoxOcean and represents a significant advance in logistics technology. This innovative solution integrates the robust functionalities of its predecessors and provides a unified platform that simplifies air and ocean freight management.

"BlueBoxCargo is the next logical and, above all, long-planned development stage for us," emphasizes BlueBox Systems' CEO Martin Schulze. "After developing BlueBoxAir, a solution specifically for the complex air freight industry, and launching BlueBoxOcean at the beginning of this year, we are now systematically merging the two solutions."

BlueBoxCargo is the result of BlueBox Systems' extensive experience in the logistics industry and successful collaboration with leading freight forwarders such as Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and technology partners such as Vizion. This partnership has enabled the creation of a platform that is both user-friendly and data-rich, providing the highest levels of visibility and accuracy in cargo tracking.

For companies handling time-critical and complex supply chains via air and ocean freight, BlueBoxCargo offers a reliable and efficient solution to manage and optimize their logistics operations. With its comprehensive feature set and user-centric design, BlueBoxCargo helps companies minimize delays, reduce costs and improve overall supply chain performance. The platform is designed to be quick and easy to get up and running so that users can immediately benefit from its extensive tracking and reporting capabilities.

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