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Airspace partners with Cool Effect to offset carbon emissions

Jun 08, 2021

Airspace, the leader in time-critical shipping, is partnering with Cool Effect to offset emissions and reduce the carbon footprint of its logistics operations throughout North America, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

Cool Effect enables Airspace to fund a project that prevents carbon from entering the earth’s atmosphere, offsetting carbon emissions produced by itsnetwork of drivers the logistics company uses to deliver time-critical packages around the world for healthcare, life science, aerospace, technology, manufacturing, agriculture, automotive, construction, and energy industries.

“Sustainability is a top priority for us,” said Airspace Co-Founder and CEO Nick Bulcao. “Carbon offsetting is something we can do today to contribute to a cleaner planet tomorrow. Our partnership enables us to support projects that offset the emissions inherent in the important services we provide to deliver organs, lab tests, vaccines, airplane parts, and a variety of critical materials to keep our economy moving.”

Managing Director, Airspace B.V., Marcel Andriessen agrees, “The Cool Effect partnership gives us a tangible way to offset the emissions of every single delivery we manage. This is only a first step of many we are taking to be carbon neutral.”

Airspace will help fund the Cool Effect Cup of the Amazon project, which helps protect the Peruvian Amazon from further deforestation, while helping local communities develop family sustaining jobs outside of the logging industry.

Cool Effect Director of Partnerships and Marketing Jodi Manning says partnerships like these are critical to funding programs that have a net-positive impact on the planet. “We look for highly effective projects that demonstrate a true carbon benefit, pricing transparency, and secondary benefits in the communities where the projects are based. But the projects cannot grow without support from companies like Airspace that make a sincere commitment to offsetting their carbon footprint.”

Airspace Head of People at Airspace Anna Goranson agrees, and says it’s even more than that for team members. “Airspace is passionate about the environment from leadership to our drivers. Cool Effect gives us a way to track, measure, and celebrate that shared commitment. We plan on adding projects and continued support in the coming years.”

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